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Tips and tricks if you want to buy an electric car and live in cold climates



Are you thinking of buying an electric car and you live in an area with low temperatures? Here are some tricks that will help you on a daily basis.

The electric car is growing very significantly in the market. Even so, it is still a technology that is not recommended for certain profiles, so it requires carry out a preliminary analysis to check the one that best suits to your needs. After all, an electrical mechanic is not the Holy Grail in mobility. Like any other alternative, it has its advantages and disadvantages in the industry.

Among the most characteristic drawbacks, special mention can be made of the climate. Yes, an electrical mechanic is more likely to offer less autonomy as it circulates at a lower temperature. Cold climates, at the moment, take a heavy toll on the electric car. Even so, there is no need to dramatize, since a country like Norway is leading the electrification of the car fleet despite this weakness.

Despite this problem, the truth is that there are some solutions and tricks that can compensate for the loss of kilometers for each full charge cycle. If you live in a cold climate and are looking to buy an electric car, here are some tips to be able to enjoy a unit without hardly being able to notice it. At the end of the day, everything will depend, after all, on the management of the accelerator pedal, which is why there is greater consumption.

Let’s see, therefore, what you should do if you are in a low temperature and you are driving an electric car. behold the keys to why you should apply these solutions in order not to ‘stay stranded’ due to lack of sufficient electricity. They are tips that are easy to apply and that, however, it is not possible to add in some models in particular.

The electric car in cold climates, so you can solve the loss of autonomy

At what point can it be understood that a climate can have a greater impact on autonomy? According to the portal how to geek, the electrical circuit begins to penalize its qualities in a more noticeable way below 5-10 degrees Celsius. In fact, we are dealing with a technology that works much better between 30-40 degrees centigradewhich makes the electric car a very interesting product for the coming years, taking into account the progressive increase in temperatures.

How does the cold affect electric cars? Tips and tricks to prevent battery damage

Tesla has always tested its cars in cold climates to find solutions to the problem of this technology. The confidential

Here, then, are small gestures that can contribute to a improved autonomy in cold weather and less battery wear. This, it should be noted, has a direct implication with the care of the sets, so the degradation will be less in the future.

Keep the interior temperature as high as possible

If you have made a trip, it is recommended to use a covered area like a community garage if you intend to drive after a couple of hours. During this time, the heat produced by the occupants will be maintained in the passenger compartment, not requiring activation of the heating system. It should be noted that this system itself is one of the elements that most harms the autonomy of the vehicle, so it is recommended not to abuse this technology.

Preheating of batteries as a solution of great interest

This technology is especially important if you intend to use the vehicle in a few minutes. It is a solution that will allow you to enjoy an interesting consumption from the beginning of the march by having the set of batteries at their optimum operating temperature. Cars in the Tesla range already have this proposal, which is very useful when it comes to obtaining better performance.

This system is very simple to apply, since the batteries are directly managed by the vehicle’s control unit. In this context, battery preheating can be applied through the apps Of the brand. It will suffice to request this function a few minutes before we go to take the car. Even so, it is important to bear in mind that the vehicle must have a minimum autonomy, so an approximate calculation will have to be made beforehand.

Another solution is to manually connect the vehicle to a power outlet conventional. It is true that it will not practically improve autonomy if you are going to drive for the next few minutes, but it will help preheat the batteries if this function is not available remotely.

Driving in Eco mode can be of great help in cold weather

The electric car does not enjoy high speeds, that is a reality. For this reason, a measure is proposed that basically consists of a speed reduction in order to save kWh. In the same way that occurs with an internal combustion car, the increase in speed produces an exponential increase in consumption. Going from 80 to 100 km/h can consume X kWh/100 km, but going from 100 to 120 kWh will consume even more.

This means that slowing down a few km/h can be a very sensible option. if the weather outside offers temperatures close to at 0 degrees centigrade. Autonomy will suffer under this situation, but this measure will alleviate the loss of autonomy that will occur. It is, therefore, a key element to overcome a weakness of the electric car.