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This is how an autonomous truck saves the furniture in a curious maze


Einride already has an electric truck with its own autonomous driving system. How well does this new technology work?

Autonomous driving systems have been in development for several years. At present, all the solutions are having as their main objective to leave behind the conventional role of the driver, creating a much more efficient type of mobility and, therefore, safer. One of the main objectives is better traffic managementthough Some voices suggest that the opposite will happen.

Be that as it may, one of the main objectives of this new technology is to focus mainly on the transport of goods. For this reason, autonomous trucks could be a reality very soon. In fact, the incorporation of authentic lines of driverless vehicles in the future is valued with the aim of saving the greatest amount of fuel. For this to happen, tests of all kinds must still be carried out to guarantee safety.

Now, where is this technology? Einride, a company based in Sweden, can serve as an example. The company has been working for several years on a project designed to standardize the use of autonomous technology in trucks. Thanks to the investments made during these years, it has just shown some images of the efficiency of this type of vehicle in situations of great difficulty. Something similar to what could happen, for example, in urban circulation.

Let us see, therefore, why technology based on autonomous driving may have a long journey in the mobility market, what are the keys to understanding its standardization and, of course, to what extent we are faced with an innovation with sufficient capacity to sneak in among the solutions with the longest journey.

Einride, the best example to understand autonomous driving in the future

Can autonomous technologies make some professions that employ millions of people today disappear? There is a high probability of this happening. Autonomous trucks have become one of the main threats to people who make a living from management of transportation. Here are some images that serve to understand to what degree of effectiveness this type of innovation has in the goods mobility industry.

Einride has been working on this type of solution for some time. Companies of the stature of Lidl have carried out studies so that this company provides them with units of their trucks with differential designs. The reason? Without a doubt, its great autonomous capacity. It is one of the companies that has been betting the most for years on the development of an efficient autonomous driving program. These are the results.

In the previous images, you can see how, despite there being a labyrinth of pots, the vehicles manage to get out without any of them falling to the ground. This demonstrates the extent to which significant progress is being made in this technology. Without a doubt, it is noted that Einride has carried out important developments with the aim of having everything prepared very before the vast majority of competitors. Will it serve to produce a flood in sales?

The precision with which we can control the position of the vehicle is millimeter. Robert Falck, CEO of Einride

The T-Pod, as this first self-driving truck is called, was first shown to the public in 2019. Since then, has been incorporating driverless driving technologies with the aim of becoming one of the most reliable vehicles in this regard. The images serve to demonstrate how we are facing authentic efficient and productive systems without the need for a person in charge of managing the steering wheel or pedals.

A technology that could start operating soon

Unlike Tesla, a company that has decided to do without the lidar sensorEinride does have a team of sensors and cameras to have more information. Thanks to this technology, we are facing an innovation that stands out, mainly, for a switchboard designed to manage more data at a higher speed. In this way, it is possible to enjoy a safer proposal without a driver.

The incredible precision of these autonomous trucks: they go through a maze of vessels without touching them

Einride has managed to find its own autonomous driving system for freight transport Freight Waves

Well, what is the role that this technology could have in the next years? According to the portal World NewsToday, this type of electric trucks could play a very prominent role in transporting wood throughout Scandinavia. In this sense, technology could begin to be used to improve the competitiveness of a sector that has not stopped growing in recent years.

This innovation, however, still faces a serious problem; regulation. It is expected that over the next few months measures will be introduced so that this type of project can have greater freedom to carry out tests on roads open to the public. This would allow the acceleration of autonomous mobility integration plans.

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