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These are the cars you can drive with the new B1 license from the age of 16

Chen the measure announced by the DGT to create a B1 car license for people over 16 years of age, new drivers who start with this new permit will have a range of models to choose from that, although it is not very extensive at the moment, it is possible that in the future it will grow with new options.

Let’s review what will be the options yes, imagine the B1 card was valid from today. But first let’s review what are the characteristics that -predictably- the vehicles will have to comply with in order to be driven with this license.

B1 license - heavy quadricycles - L7e - 16 a

The great novelty of the B1 is that it will give access to vehicles with certain features for those over 16 years of age.

B1 license: what cars can be driven?

In the absence of a black-on-white initiative, everything points to the new driving license B1 allow driving the vehicles framed in the category L7e (heavy quadricycles), whose main characteristics are three:

  • Maximum speed limited to 90km/h
  • maximum weight of 400 kilos (without batteries)
  • Maximum power equal to or less than 15kW (20hp)

These qualities – especially the maximum speed of 90 km/h, twice that of light quads, type Citron AMI- will allow a much greater flexibility of use. And also the autonomous of their batteries, most of which exceed 100km per recharge.

Renault Twizy: made in Spain

Do you remember the Twizy? Well still in production and it is marketed and it is one more option for those who obtain this card (although one of its versions could already be circulated with the moped permit). But now the most capable version would be legally available to holders of the B1.

The Twizy measures 2.3 meters in length and it is two-seater, although its occupants sit in tandem (one behind the other). There are two versions for sale (whose name refers to the maximum speed they can reach): Four. Five (which can be driven with a moped license) and 80 (which until now was only accessible through the B car permit). The battery (of 6.1 kWh of capacity) is recharged in just three and a half hours with a conventional plug.

B1 license - quadricycles - 16 to

The Renault Twizy in its most efficient version can be driven with the B1.

The only finish available in the Twizy is he Life and their prices fluctuate between 12,105 and 12,985 euros. Aside from performance, the only item the most expensive has is front windshield demisting.

XEV Yoyo

The XEV Yoyo has a theoretical autonomy of 150 kilometers, more than just some of the cars featured in this article. The recharge time for the battery (10.3 kWh) advertised by the manufacturer is less than four hours and there is the possibility of extracting and exchanging them for others already recharged.

Its base price is at €15,110although there is a launch discount of 1,120 euros, so the real price, without further aid, is €13,900. Like its rivals, XEV offers an additional 1,000 euros if the purchase is financed… and if we are entitled to Moves aid, we could reach reduce the total rate to 10,900 euros.

B1 license - quadricycles - 16 to

The XEV Yoyo is another option for the B1.

The Yoyo stands out for its extensive customization possibilities and a equipment quite outstanding, where the air-conditioning or the abs.

Silence SO4: Spanish blood

SILENCE (manufacturer of the motorcycles that Acciona uses for motosharing and that of Seat Mo) also has in its portfolio a four wheel model which will not take long to reach the market. Is about S04 and one of the versions meets the characteristics required by the B1 (there is another that could be driven without a car license with a speed limited to 45 km/h).

Their 14kw motor It allows you to reach that top 90 km/h, with an acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h in less than seven seconds. The maximum autonomy can reach 149 km. A peculiarity of Silence S04 is that their batteries (similar to those of motorcycles) are removable, so that its functionality is greater since it can be parked anywhere and loaded at home (they are the size of a trolley and incorporate a handle and handles to carry them as if they were a suitcase). It can even be ordered with two, so that we always have an alternative.

B1 license - quadricycles - 16 to

The Silence S04 will be an option made in Spain for after the summer.

In addition, it boasts a 310 liter trunk. Its price is not yet known since The reservation period has not yet openedsomething that could happen after the summer.

Undefeated itches

Invicta has two options in its catalog of heavy quadricycles, the D2S and the Epic. Both (at least in some versions) fall within the specifications of the L7e vehiclesboth by power and by weight.

The pica offers a retro aesthetic more peculiar. Their autonomy of 120 kilometers by recharging is quite prominent, although the operation requires six hours. Its maximum speed is 80km/h and has some outstanding equipment elements such as the rear camera or the mirror link system to pair the mobile.

B1 license - quadricycles - 16 to

The pica is the Invicta option that would fit the future B1.

Your list price is €12,505although the firm currently has an active direct discount of 1,210 euros and another additional 1,000 euros if financed your purchase. To this we will have to subtract the possible Moves III aidswhich oscillate between 1,800 and 2,000 euros depending on whether or not we scrapped a polluting vehicle.

Undefeated 2DS Junior

The Undefeated D2S,, although most of the versions are approved as M1 (tourism) because their weight far exceeds the limit of the L7e, it will also offer, from Augusta alternative for the youngest.

be called Invicta Electric D2S Juniorand meets the requirements for weight (690 kg with batteries and driver) and maximum speed (stated in 85km/h). Your battery is 6.9 kWh and offer a 5 year or 100,000 mile warranty.

B1 license - quadricycles - 16 to

The Invicta 2DS will have a version for the B1 in August.

Its price will be in the €14,595what they really are 1,000 less thanks to the discount automatic that Invicta will offer or even reduce up to 11,595 if we access the maximum aid of the Moves III Plan.