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There are no longer cheap SUV cars in Argentina: look at the prices

The suv cars They became some of the favorite vehicles of Argentines, and that is why there are more and more models to choose from in all categories: from the smallest compact ones, to those of intermediate segments, large, and those that set trends, which are the “coupe style”.

However, where is few options It is in terms of prices, since the cheapest ones already cost almost $4 million, and they are only the “base” versions of five brands.

In this way, to enter the category and jump from a small car (which costs an average of $2.5 million) to an SUV of the same size, which is one of the changes that many buyers make, you have to think about investing almost $20,000, while to go up in equipment, many of the models are already reached by the internal tax and exceed $5 million.

We review the options cheapest suv cars that are offered and how is the offer in the dealerships, in addition to the surcharges that affect them.

The cheapest SUV cars: with manual gearbox and 4×2

To buy an SUV car that costs less than $4 million, you will have to opt for a version with manual gearbox and 4×2 drive. If you want an automatic model, or that is 4×4, you will have to invest much more money.

Among those that come out less than that value, and that is why they are the cheapest on the market, are the Fiat Pulse, which is the newest, launched at the end of April; the Nissan Kicks, renewed in 2021; the Citroën C4 Cactus, the brand’s best-seller; the Volkswagen Nivus in its version with a smaller engine; and Chevrolet Tracker, the oldest of the five.

Fiat Pulse, the cheapest SUV car

Fiat Pulse is the cheapest SUV on the market.

Fiat Pulse is the cheapest SUV on the market

This Fiat Pulse SUV car, in its version Drive 1.3 with a 5-speed manual gearbox, it is priced at 3,508,600 pesos. This is the official value according to the brand, although It is one of the most difficult versions to find, so you have to opt for the most expensive ones.

The Pulse is the newest on the market, developed by Fiat exclusively for Mercosur, and in its first month in dealerships it became the best seller. It has the same platform as the Argo, the hatchback that competes with the smaller ones.

As for its features, something to highlight is that it has a new multimedia system called Uconnect, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wireless connectivity. Another important fact: It comes standard with four airbags, ABS brakes with EBD, stability control, traction control and Isofix anchors.

nissan kicks

Nissan Kicks, another of the most accessible options.

Nissan Kicks, another of the most accessible options

Nissan’s smallest SUV, the Kicks, has an entry-level version that is the Sense 1.6L with 120 hpwith manual gearbox, which starts in 3,808,400 pesos.

This model is imported from Brazil, and received a final restyling in April of last year. At that time, the front was specially redesigned, with new bumpers, grille and optics.

Citroën C4 Cactus

Citroën C4 Cactus, the second SUV in sales.

Citroën C4 Cactus, the second SUV in sales.

Citroën’s small SUV is the brand’s best-selling model, at least until the arrival of the new C3, which they hope will become a revolution. The cheapest version is called Feel, with a price of 3,823,300 pesos.

This model arrived in the country in 2018, to succeed the one imported from Spain, which was only on sale for a year. from that momento It is manufactured in Brazil, it had several tweaks and became one of the most recommended options for price-quality.

In terms of features, it is offered with 1.6 engine of 115 hp, with a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic. It also has a more expensive version that is the 1.6 THP turbo with 163 hp.

volkswagen nivus

Volkswagen Nivus now offers a cheaper version.

Volkswagen Nivus now offers a cheaper version.

Within the Nivus range, which was launched in Argentina in 2020, a version was added last January that debuts a change in the engine, thus achieving a cheaper option. This is the 170 TSI engine with a manual gearbox, which comes out 3,996,750 pesos. Until now, the cheapest was at 200 TSI.

The great novelty of this model is that premiered the coupé silhouette in the segment of massive brands and small models. However, despite being very well positioned in the market, it is a model with little supply and high price premiums.

Chevrolet Tracker

Chevrolet Tracker: from July it will be manufactured in Argentina.

The Chevrolet Tracker SUV car, starting in July, will be manufactured in Argentina

Among the SUV cars with some option to choose from under $4 million, Chevrolet completes the list with Tracker, with a value from 3,986,900 pesos.

It is one of the oldest versions on the marketsince it was the third small SUV to be launched after the Ford Ecosport and Renault Duster that inaugurated the category.

Despite its time on the market, in 2021 it received a restyling and in July one of the most important changes will arrive: will begin to be manufactured in Argentinaat the Chevrolet plant in Alvear, province of Santa Fe.