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The only best-selling SUV car free of the luxury tax

It’s been a while since the suv cars became the preferred models on the market, with a wide range that ranges from small vehicles with a compact silhouette or coupé, one of the latest trends, to medium and large, They can have space for 7 passengers.

This growth in supply also brought about very varied priceswhere the models are often stepped on: for example, a top-of-the-range version of the smallest, can be with the same value or above one of the cheapest of the medium ones, and that makes customers have to evaluate with more details your purchase decision.

This reality is reflected in the sales of each month, and for example in June, four of the 10 best-selling models are from the medium segment, with two of them leading the podium, when the boys were always the ones with the greatest presence. Another fact that was given with the rise in prices is that almost all SUV cars are impacted by the internal tax on the full range or on some of the top-of-the-range versions.

This is the list of preferred SUV cars by Argentines in recent months and the one that is 100% free of the luxury tax:

Fiat Pulse, the only best-selling SUV that does not pay the tax

With 560 units patented in May, the Fiat Pulse SUV, which was launched at the end of April, established itself in its first month on the market as the best-seller in the small segment and third in the SUV category overall.

Fiat Pulse, the only one among the 10 best-selling SUV cars that does not pay “luxury tax”

Pricing for the Pulse starts at $3,508,600, that is, $16,868, being the cheapest among its competitors. As for the most equipped, it has a price of 4,219,300 pesos. It is one of the few that does not pay internal tax.

It is manufactured in Brazil and is one of the models that Fiat intends to position as a leader after the Cronos, which is the best-selling car in Argentina. In addition, another product will soon arrive to be located in the same segment but with a coupé aesthetic, called Fastback.

Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota Corolla Cross, the best seller among SUV cars.

Toyota Corolla Cross, the best seller among SUV cars

The Toyota Corolla Cross is the best-selling SUV car May, with 1,049 patents and accumulated sales of 4,393 in the year. This marks a growth of 763.1% between April and May 2022 compared to the same period of the previous year. Belongs to midsize segment and is imported from Brazil, where it is manufactured.

As for praecios, This model starts with the base version at $5,109,000, that is, about $24,560, and the most equipped version reaches 7,512,000 pesos. It is the only one of the best sellers that is offered in gasoline and hybrid version, and is affected by the first step of the internal tax.

volkswagen taos

Volkswagen Taos, the second-selling midsize SUV.

Volkswagen Taos, the second best-selling midsize SUV

With 674 sales in June, it took the number two spot in SUV car registrations, with a cumulative annual sales of 2,906. It was launched last year and there are still no references to how much it grew, but in recent months it has achieved significant growth with deliveries of units that were already agreed upon.

As to prices, starts at $6,607,550, that is, about US$31,767 at the parallel exchange rate, while the most equipped comes out at $8,241,650, affected in all versions by the first internal tax scale and leaving the full amount on the edge of the second scale.

This model It is manufactured in Pacheco, province of Buenos Aires, and was launched by Volkswagen in the year passed to compete with the Toyota Corolla Cross, Jeep Compass and Ford Territory in the midsize segment.

Ford Territory

Ford Territory, among the best sellers.

Ford Territory, among the best-selling SUVs

With 513 units sold in May and a total of 1,804 between January and May, this model accumulates a growth of 95.9% in the year.

The price of this model is $6,786,000 or $32,625 at the parallel exchange rate. As for the top of the range, it reaches 7,667,000 pesos. Both models are covered by the internal tax.

Imported from India, and with an aesthetic different from everything known in the brand, this Ford SUV car that came to “replace” the Ecosport, which was discontinued, although due to its characteristics it is located one step higher and competes with the medium , also being more expensive.

Citroën C4 Cactus

With a total of 442 patents in May and 3,616 accumulated in the year, it is the second best-selling small SUV of the month and the first of the year. Its growth between January and May reaches 68.2 percent.

In terms of prices, it is one of the cheapest on the market, with an initial value of $3,823,300 or $18,382 at the blue exchange rate. In its top-of-the-range version it reaches 5,086,200 pesos, that is, it is also reached by the internal tax.

It is imported from Brazil and has become one of the leaders in the category and one of the best products within Citroën, which will soon launch the new C3 and hopes to make up ground with its arrival.

Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade, ready to receive a new restyling.

Jeep Renegade, ready to receive a new restyling

With 416 units sold and a cumulative of 3,170 sales, it grew 11.1% in the year. If value starts at $4,160,000 or $20,000 blue, while the top of the range comes out at 7,019,400 pesos.

This model is manufactured in Brazil, and in 2021 it established itself as the best-selling among small SUV cars. Now, the arrival of its successor is expected, which is a renewed version.

volkswagen nivus

VW Nivus, an SUV

VW Nivus, an SUV “coupe”

Of the smallest of the Volkswagen SUV segment, 414 units were sold in the month of May and 1,391 in the accumulated annual, with a down from 49.7 percent.

It is a model with high demand but little supply. As for the official values, it starts at $3,996,750 or $19,215, while the top-of-the-range version costs 5,980,100 pesos.

It is imported from Brazil, and since its launch it has been affected by price premiums.

Ford Eco Sport

Ford Ecosport, in its last months of life.

Ford Ecosport, in its last months of life

With 395 sales and 2,464 accumulated in the year, Ford Ecosport sales grew 27% in the year. Although it was discontinued, the deliveries of the operations carried out by the savings plan are being fulfilled.

As for prices, this model starts at $3,638,000 or $17,490 blue, one of the cheapest in the segment, but the intermediate version has already been reached by the internal tax and costs $5,123,000.. The top of the range is no longer available.

volkswagen t-cross

Volkswagen T-Cross falls in sales due to poor supply.

Volkswagen T-Cross falls in sales due to little supply

With 387 sales and 980 accumulated in the year, sales of this SUV car fell 69.2%, especially due to the lack of units due to obstacles to importing.

As for prices, the T-Cross starts at $3,965,300, that is, 17,765 blue dollars, while the top-of-the-range version reaches 6,384,150 pesos, reached by the internal tax.

jeep compass

Jeep Compass, another of the best-selling medium.

Jeep Compass, another of the best-selling medium

This model of the medium segment sold 346 units in May, and accumulates 1,452 in the year, that is, a drop of 19.1 percent.

Compass prices start at $6,796,700, that is, $32,676, while the top-of-the-range version reaches 8,874,800 pesos.

Most popular SUV car models

Among the most chosen cars by Argentines are SUVs. According to an ACARA report, the hatchback format is the most popular in all ages and is becoming stronger in the entry segments that the youngest buy, but the SUVs respond better to family needs, almost the same as the sedans that are thanks to vehicles such as the Cronos, which has been the best-selling for months. Still, their share is low across all segments, below 28 percent.

The The natural cycle of life itself indicates that the older generations should gradually give way to the new ones in the new vehicle market. Indeed, the so-called baby boomers are ceding part of their dominance to the millennials and Zs, however, the truth is that they are still the largest buyers of vehicles in Argentina.