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The Government rules out specific discounts for transport, which claims greater aid

Six trucks refueled this week at the service station located in the Araso Irundarra industrial estate. / B. MOON

The association that blocked freight traffic by road in March meets this Saturday to determine whether or not the strike is reactivated

Imanol Lizasoain

The fear of a possible shortage in the face of a new transport strike – as announced this past Wednesday in a joint statement by agricultural and food business organizations – continues to flutter in the environment after the meeting held this Friday by the National Committee of Road Transport (CNTC) with the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

Pedro Sánchez announced this Friday the decision to extend the anti-crisis measures until December 31, but according to Fenadismer (a federation that brings together 50,000 small and medium-sized companies), the Decree Law that Sánchez will present this Saturday «does not include any specific financial aid for the transport sector. Only the extension of the fuel bonus approved in March. And diesel continues to rise … », Fenadismer lamented this Friday on his Twitter profile.

The CNTC proposed to include a new direct aid of another 20 cents for professional transport, specifically for vehicles up to 7.5 tons. In total, 40 cents per liter of subsidy. Everything seems to indicate that this proposal has fallen on deaf ears, although we will have to wait for the press conference that Sánchez offers this Saturday after the extraordinary Council of Ministers. The sector also requested direct aid for a quarter for freight transport companies depending on the type of vehicle, which would be 1,250 euros for trucks and 500 euros for vans. This measure is the same one that was agreed with the Government in March.

In addition, they demand the correction of the update clause of the price of transport based on the price of fuel, going from the current 30% to 40%, including gas in this measure. And it is that trucks powered by this fuel cost 5,500 euros a year to fill the tank, when less than a year ago it was 2,500 euros.

Extra cost of 3,000 euros

These measures seek to alleviate the situation of a sector drowned by the unstoppable rise in fuel prices, which in many cases already represents more than 30% of the operating costs of various companies and autonomous carriers. Back in March, when the war in Ukraine already had a certain impact on fuel prices, diesel for trucks was at 1.45 euros per liter. Now, service station panels reflect increases of 48%, with a price that stands at 2.16 euros/litre. Keep in mind that a heavy truck refuels around 5,000 liters per month. Thus, the additional cost of filling the tank of a 900-litre truck each month is now 3,000 euros more expensive than last March.

The association that stopped freight transport by road in the State in March, the National Platform in Defense of the Transport of Goods by Road, has recently returned to warn of possible mobilizations. The group has called tomorrow for a consultation with carriers and drivers throughout Spain with the aim of determining whether the strike, which does not have a set date, is reactivated.

From the Hiru Basque union, which brings together 700 self-employed truck drivers, they initially distance themselves from the possible strike that could be called in the State. They explain that for them the solution is not to increase the subsidy from 20 to 40 cents, but for customers to update rates based on fluctuations in fuel prices.

The Gipuzkoan employers’ association Guitrans –integrated into the CNTC and which has 2,000 trucks and 500 companies– describes the current scenario as “extremely difficult”.