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The 4 safest electric and hybrid cars in case of an accident


what models are there

Among them, the best of each year become part of the Best in Class (the best of each class). To define which vehicles are part of this select group, EuroNCAP calculates the weighted sum of the scores in each of the four evaluation areas: adult occupant, child occupant, pedestrian and safety assistant.

And there, beyond the most up-to-date brands and models, those that are the manufacturers that have been behind the safety for their cars for a possible accident stand out for the longest time. For example, there is the electric Mercedes, the EQS, or the Polestar 2, Volvo’s brand for electric mobility, which is one of the most important in its class. But there is more.

Polestar 2 electric cars accident

mercedes eqs

The first and most attention-grabbing of all these vehicles is the Mercedes EQS, the exclusive and luxurious sedan of the German house that gives the complete remodeling to the Class E and S, and that is at the top of the company’s EQ series.

In the Teutonic territory they value it as the best in the world for its great functions, as well as the most advanced car in accident safety, which is why it is shown today as the most important of the firm. In an industry dominated by Tesla (for the time being), for Mercedes the electric EQS ​​represents the German manufacturer’s first chance to define luxury in the electric age.

A car in its own way that is here to make a difference in the market, and safely for years to come. The EQS offers very good protection for its occupants in both frontal impact and rear impact, and achieves the highest possible score in side impact protection. The German electric gets 36.6 points out of a possible 38 in this category.

Polestar 2

Also highly valued within the sector, Euro NCAP has the Polestar 2 as another of the most important vehicles in terms of road safety, and with good reason. And it is that, apart from their advanced technological systemsthis electric car is maintained with a resounding structure and chassis to avoid any inconvenience.

As the European program explains, this Swedish sedan is the less harmful model for vulnerable road users, i.e. pedestrians and cyclists, either because it inflicts the least harm or because it directly avoids them.

Seat Leon e-Hybrid

Within the framework of hybrid cars we have the Seat León e-Hybrid, one of the most important models in terms of safety and accidents. This is the fourth generation of what has been one of the best sellers in Spain in recent years, the Seat León, of which a plug-in hybrid version.

It combines a 150 hp 1.4 TSI thermal engine with a 116 hp (85 kW) electric motor. Together they offer a maximum power of 204 hp and a torque of 350 Nm. Associated with a six-speed DSG automatic gearbox, this propulsion system can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. With it, both the lane change assistant and the recognition of maximum speed signs get the highest possible score.

Seat Leon e-hybrid cars accident

honda jazz

For years, Honda has been recognized as the firm par excellence in terms of reliability, being the most in the entire automotive sector. And among them, number 1 is the Honda Jazz, in a hybrid version. Now, this one does it by getting the 5 star feedback.

And it is that the urban model contains many novelties but maintains its philosophy halfway between sedan and compact minivan, with a more than remarkable habitability for its total dimensions. A point to note is that for the first time it is marketed in Europe exclusively with a hybrid propulsion system; There is no option of only thermal gasoline or diesel engines.

Developed specifically for this model and called e:HEV, this advanced Honda technology uses a 1.5-liter i-VTEC DOHC gasoline engine, two compact electric motors (generator and booster) and a lithium-ion battery to provide superior power. joint total of 109 hp and 253 Nm of torque. With a 85% protection, It is one of the most complete in its category.