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Tesla will no longer be the leader in the production of electric cars by 2024

Tesla.  (photo: The CEO)
Tesla. (photo: The CEO)

Tesla is an undisputed leader in electric cars. And, for many years, it has played a key role in the transition to engines that are more durable and also technically outperform conventional internal combustion engines. Nevertheless, this leadership has an expiration date: 2024

A report by Bloomberg Intelligence indicates that the Cluster volkswagen (which includes brands like seats, cupra, volkswagen, Audi and more) it will produce more electric cars than Tesla ever since.

The company of Elon Musk will rank second in that period, followed by the Chinese automaker BYDwhich could become the third electric car manufacturer by 2025.

Why Volkswagen would lead the electric car market

Bloomberg Intelligence’s predictions about Tesla and Volkswagen may surprise you, but they are completely justified. The Volkswagen Group follows an aggressive electrification strategy, launching new models with several iterations and trying to cover all possible niches (SUVs, hatchbacks, etc.).

This group also has an important card in their game: the economies of scale. Except in special circumstances, all the group’s brands are powered by the same platform, the same research and development, as well as the same suppliers.

Volkswagen ID.1.  (photo: Windshield - Profile)
Volkswagen ID.1. (photo: Windshield – Profile)

The proof is that the Cupra Born It’s just a sportier version of the Volkswagen ID.3 or of Audi eTron GT that has a lot in common with porsche taycan.

This strategy, which is not entirely new in the automotive world; has several advantages, the main ones being cost reduction and simplification of the production line.

Another key Volkswagen factor over Tesla is the niche that each company in its portfolio covers. The German group, through all its brands, plans to offer from cheap cars (best sellers) up to high-end sports (the ones that offer the most advantages).

Instead, Tesla focuses on the middle and upper segments of the market (more profitable but less volatile). So it would not be surprising if Volkswagen, which dominates the most popular segments in terms of sales, sells more electric vehicles than Tesla in the not too distant future.

Volkswagen and Tesla cars.  (photo: PuroMarketing)
Volkswagen and Tesla cars. (photo: PuroMarketing)

To compare with the world of technology: Volkswagen will be equivalent to Samsung, with solutions from economic products to high-end products.

For its part, Tesla will be the equivalent of Manzana, focusing on the medium and high segments of the market, which are often not the segments that generate the most sales, but the ones that generate the most profitability.

Volkswagen Authorized Voice

The projection of Bloomberg Intelligence fits with what the leadership leadership of Volkswagen had on the table. Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen group, confirmed in a statement to CNBC a month ago that it hoped to overtake Tesla in electric car sales by 2025.

On the other hand, Japanese and American manufacturers, according to the aforementioned Bloomberg Intelligence report, they won’t be able to reach one of the top three positions until the end of the decade.

Herbert Diess.  (photo: REUTERS/Matthias Rietschel)
Herbert Diess. (photo: REUTERS/Matthias Rietschel)

Tesla’s main rival to Elon Musk

It is important to mention that Tesla is not a car company. It is hardware Y software. They are not limited to the field of vehicle production, and devote a large amount of resources to other areas. Also, the company’s mission is to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. This objective is not limited to the electrification of the fleet.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Tesla’s main competitor for Elon Musk not be another car manufacturer, but the company itself aramcoone of the largest oil companies in the world that is headquartered in Saudi Arabia.

Elon Musk on Tesla and his greatest rival.  (photo: Twitter)
Elon Musk on Tesla and his greatest rival. (photo: Twitter)

It is also one of the largest companies in the world by market capitalization. Likewise, they own 69% of SABIC, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals.


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