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Sell My Car

Sell My Car

Sell my car to an individual is not a transaction to be taken lightly. Indeed, it is necessary to follow a certain number of essential steps. The first thing to do will be to assess the real value of the vehicle in order to define the ideal selling price. Then you have to find the buyer.

Once the sale has been concluded, all that remains is to collect the documents to be provided and to carry out the administrative procedures allowing the buyer to request his new gray card.

The conditions to be met in order to be able to sell your vehicle

Here are the conditions that the seller must meet in order to be able to sell his vehicle:

  • Seul le propriétaire du véhicule peut le vendre. S’il y a plusieurs cotitulaires، il faut imperatoirement la signature de toutes les personnes notenées sur la carte grise.
  • En cas de déménagement، le certificat d’immatriculation doit impérativement atre à jour de l’adresse du seller. Il faut donc afir procédé au changement d’adresse avant la vente.
  • When the car is more than 4 years old and is not exempt from technical control, the seller must give the new owner proof of passing a technical control.
  • Le vendeur doit enfin s’assurer que le véhicule ne fait ni l’objet d’un gage، ni l’objet d’une calling à la vente.

Preparing to Sell my car

To properly prepare the sale, it is necessary in particular to set a price, write and publish an advertisement, and above all to ensure the conformity of certain technical or regulatory elements.

The choice of price

When you decide to sell your car, one of the elements to determine first is its real market value in order to set its selling price.

Some sellers use price estimation websites. These sites thus allow you to have an approximate idea of the value of your vehicle depending in particular on:

  • Mileage;
  • The model and make of the vehicle;
  • Fuel type;
  • Options, etc.

Note: the prices displayed on the estimation sites remain indicative prices. They allow the non-professional seller to have a price range in which his car can fit. This is not an exact value.

The seller also has the option of using the expertise of a mechanic. This will determine a selling price based on the state of maintenance of the car and other criteria deemed important by the professional.

In addition, it is advisable to consult different ad sites in order to adjust the selling price of your vehicle according to the prices displayed in the ads for the same types of vehicles.

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Once the price has been set, all that remains is to find the buyer. To do this, you must distribute the offer and announce the sale of your car.

There are several types of ad media:

  • Ad websites: these sites offer the possibility of presenting your car by posting photos from all angles. It is also necessary to specify the main characteristics (brand, options, mileage, date of first entry into circulation, etc.). The advantage of these sites lies in the free service (for the most part) and in the possibility of exchanging with interested people.
  • Proposal to a consignment store: this option offers a showcase for the vehicle and avoids the seller having to write an ad or make appointments with the various potential buyers. However, in return, the deposit-sale receives a commission on the sale of the vehicle.
  • Use of posters with useful information and contact details of the seller to facilitate contact. Posters can also feature a brief description of the car, photos, and the sale price.


The goal when selling to an individual is for payment to be made quickly and securely. This stage is the most delicate of the sale.

Without excluding other means of payment, the means of payment most often used is the bank check. Indeed, this has the advantage of being a guarantee of payment for the seller.

other payment:

  • The cheque: this means of payment is particularly appreciated for large sums. However, the classic check carries the risk that the account in question is not funded.
  • Cash payment: when paying in cash, the transaction can be finalized between the parties at the seller’s bank branch or at any distributor.