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Scania presents its new electric truck: 320 km of autonomy with 40 tons – News – Hybrids and Electrics


Scania has a very well defined roadmap to electrify its product range. At the end of 2020, the Swedish company announced that it would launch a new electric model every year for the next few years, including a heavy-duty electric truck for long-distance regional transport. That model has just been introduced: the new Scania 45 R electric.

The Swedish firm, owned by the Volkswagen Group, has just presented a new electric truck for heavy-duty transport: the Scania 45 R/S. It will be available with two types of cabin (R and S), in rigid version or tractor unit for semi trailers and with different battery and traction configurations.

Scania’s new generation of electric trucks also opens up new possibilities in terms of the electric drive. The new Scania 45 R electric has a battery with 624 kWh gross capacity (really six packs of 104 kWh each), of which 468 kWh are usable. It is a very considerable increase (more than double) compared to the previous generation of its electric trucks, which had 300 kWh of battery capacity.

Autonomies vary depending on weight, truck configuration and topography, but a 4×2 tractor unit with six batteries can achieve up to 320 kilometers of autonomy at 80 km/h with 40 tons of maximum authorized mass, and a range of 230 kilometers with a maximum authorized mass of 64 tons. According to Scania, the ideal routes for these trucks are those that foresee a planned load at origin or destination. Keep in mind that 320 kilometers of autonomy at an average speed of 80 km/h is 4 hours of driving, very close to the limit allowed by law (4.5 hours) before taking a mandatory 45-minute break.

The new Scania 45 R has 320 km of autonomy with 40 tons of load

“This launch represents an important milestone for us and for our partners,” said Christian Levin, CEO of Scania. “Now we are increasing our range in all dimensions, offering new opportunities for a wide selection of customers and for the entire transportation ecosystem.” Scania electric trucks are accompanied by a set of “all-inclusive” services to facilitate work with them, from planning charging solutions to maintenance, insurance and financing. Precisely the availability of chargers is a “crucial” aspect for Scania customers (or other manufacturers) to opt for electric trucks on a large scale.

Scania’s new electric trucks will be initially available as 4×2 tractor units or 6x2x4 rigid trucks. A six-battery 4×2 tractor unit has a 4,150mm wheelbase and can reach a gross weight of up to 64 tonnes, depending on the country. In Spain, the maximum authorized mass for this type of trucks, called road trains, is 60 tons.

Have fast charge in direct current at 375 kW of power, which allows you to add between 270 and 300 kilometers of autonomy in one hour of charging (if the charger has enough power, of course). On the other hand, the Scania 45 R/S have three electric motors with 410 kW continuous power (558 hp). The manufacturer has not announced the torque figure. The drivetrain is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Scania is now accepting orders for its new long-distance electric trucks. The start of series production will begin in the last quarter of 2023. Let us remember that Scania already has electric models for urban transport in its range, in addition to a plug-in hybrid model.