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raised $1 million in a year and this cost

In addition to the odyssey of finding a vehicle available in the local market, it is now added that paying for it is increasingly beyond the possibilities of Argentines, since the prices of cars 0km The cheapest ones start at $2.5 million, to which must be added all the expenses to remove them from the dealer, which exceed 200,000 pesos.

But these are not the only obstacles that exist. It is also found that the cheaper versions of a vehicle, are generally limited to sales by savings planwhich forces us to choose a model more expensive and equipped.

In this way, to reach a 0km car in today’s Argentina you have to have a higher sum of money every daywith a price gap that narrowed when comparing what were traditionally cheap and higher-end cars.

As for the calculations that must be made, day-to-day expenses are also added, where for a small car they reach $40,000 average between patent, service, insurance and fuel, among others.

The cheapest 0km cars

In this scenario of rising prices, some 0km appear that are positioned as the most economical in the automotive market according to the official prices of the automotive companies in force for the month of June.

According to the comparison between different models, the cheaper is the Toyota Etios, which is priced at $2,456,000. This model is imported from Brazil, like most of the “top ten” vehicles, where four of them are of national origin.

We review the options of cheap 0km cars, the value to the blue dollar, and how much they increased in a year.

toyota etios

Toyota Etios, the cheapest car in June.

Toyota Etios, the cheapest car in June

It is the cheapest car on the market in June and one of the best sellers. Its value starts at $2,456,000, that is, close to u$s11,700 at the blue exchange ratewhile the top-of-the-range version reaches 3,096,000 pesos.

If compared to the value of the same model in June of last year, its value was $1,454,000, that is, $9,380 at the exchange rate at that time. However, it was fourth in the cheap car ranking then, now in first place because the price rise has been less in the Japanese brand than among its rivals.

Fiat Mobile

Fiat Mobi, only for sale by savings plan.

Fiat Mobi, only for sale by savings plan

The smallest of Fiat, manufactured in Brazil, is offered in the Like 1.0 version, at $2,485,100. This equates to about $11,800 at the parallel exchange rate. A year ago, the price of this model was $1,382,500, that is, 8,919 blue dollars.

In addition to being available in a single versionthis model is sold only by savings plan, the same as the Argo, also manufactured in Brazil and marketed by Fiat.

fiat cronos

Fiat Cronos, the best selling on the market.

Fiat Cronos, the best-selling 0km car on the market

The third cheapest model on the market, and number one in sales in the country, is the Fiat Cronos, Made in Ferreyra silver, in Córdoba. This small sedan became a leader in patents and is offered in a range of eight options, with different combinations of engine and gearbox.

As for the price, it starts with the Attractive 1.3 version at a value of $2,723,600, that is, close to $13,000 blue. The top-of-the-range version is the Precision 1.8 AT6, which costs 3,678,800 pesos.

Compared to the prices of June last year, then its starting value was $1,793,000 for version 1.3 GSE MT Drive Pack Connectivity, that is, about $11,500.

Chevy Joy

Chevrolet Joy, the cheapest in the range.

Chevrolet Joy, the cheapest 0k car in the range

Chevrolet’s cheapest model, which is in the list of the top ten of the most accessible 0km, is the Joy. It is the cheap version of the Onix, which has been one of the best-selling models on the market, but due to lack of stock, it fell in the ranking.

As for the Joy, the value of this model is $2,817,900, that is, something like $13,500. A year ago, it was $1,433,900, that is, about 9,250 blue dollars.

renault logan

Renault Logan, the sedan that became one of the most accessible.

Renault Logan, the sedan that became one of the most accessible

The Renault sedan manufactured in Santa Isabel, in Córdoba, is another of the cheapest cars on the market. Its price starts at $2,900,900, that is, about 13,800 blue dollars. During 2021 it did not appear on the list of the cheapest, but this year, thanks to the fact that Renault promoted the sale of national cars, it enters the race.

Is about a sedan that competes with the Cronosthe best seller, and stands out for being a small car but with a large cargo space due to its large trunk.

volkswagen polo

Volkswagen Polo begins to take the place of the Goal.

Volkswagen Polo begins to occupy the place of the Goal

The Polo is among the cheapest cars on the market for the first time, with a price of $2,960,500 or $14,000. In this way, it occupies the place of the Gol, which was discontinued, keeping the same price as the Polo for the units that are on the market.

The Polo has several versions, the most expensive being the Highline AT at $4,148,100, while the sporty GTS 250TSI reaches $6,205,050, since it is affected by internal tax.

renault sandero

Renault Sandero, another economic made in Argentina.

Renault Sandero, another economic made in Argentina

The Renault hatch, also manufactured in Argentina, came as the Logan to position itself among the cheapest on the market, thanks to its greater offer and the brand’s effort to make it one of the cheapest after discontinuing the Kwid, which took that place.

As for its price, the cheapest starts at $2,965,600, that is, around 14,000 blue dollars. A year ago, its price was $1,665,100, that is, 10,742 blue dollars. The most expensive of the range has a value of 3,553,700 pesos.

nissan versa

Nissan Versa, the only model among the cheap ones manufactured in Mexico.

Nissan Versa, the only model among the cheap ones made in Mexico

The sedan manufactured in Mexico is another of the cheapest in the country, with a value that starts at $2,999,000, that is, around 14,300 blue dollars. Last year, the Nissan V-Drive, imported from Brazil, was offered in its place at a price of $1,543,500, that is, 9,900 blue dollars.

The most expensive currently costs $3,860,300, and has as a differential that it is imported from Mexicoand that is why it stands out for its quality

fiat argo

Fiat Argo, only for sale by savings plan.

The Fiat Argo car, only for sale by savings plan

It is another of the cheapest models on the market, with a value of $3,064,600, that is, 14,600 blue dollars. The problem with this model is that It is sold only by savings plan, since the brand prioritizes other vehicles to import from Brazil.

As for the most expensive version of the Argo, it costs 3,908,800 pesos.

peugeot 208

Peugeot 208, one of the best equipped boys.

Peugeot 208, one of the best equipped small cars

Another of the models of national production, which is among the most economical, is the 208Like 1.2L. This model starts at a price of $3,228,400, that is, around $15,300.

It is one of the cars that grew the most in sales in the countrywith a great position among the smallest in the market.

0km sales: the future

One of the problems in the sector, beyond prices, is that there are no cars. In this context, according to the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA), the number of patented vehicles during May was 35,092 units, which represents an increase of 9.9% with respect to the previous month, since in April Last year, 31,923 units had been patented. If the comparison is year-on-year, a growth of 53% is observed since in May 2021 22,931 units had been registered.

In this scenario Ricardo Salomé, president of ACARA, said that “they continue to hope that the offer can begin to be completedbecause the demand is firm, and we need it to continue to maintain the structures and to be one of the engines of our country’s recovery”.

With these numbers, it is expected that in 2022 the market will close with some 400,000 patented units.