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How to buy a motorcycle helmet?: cheap, collapsible and LS2

Choose the motorcycle helmet It is not a simple task. Although many seek it to be “cheap“, the most important thing is to select the suitable model to the type of motorcycle and the use that will be given to it dailybecause on that depends not only the way in which one will be protected, but also be comfortable.

Flip-up motorcycle helmet

In the market there is a wide variety of motorcycle helmets and one of the most chosen is the rebuttable

It’s about a model what has the chin guard mobile and can backing out up, leaving the face uncovered. It is often called modular, but it is not correct, since the last one does not have detachable parts.

However, it is important to note that integral is safer because, due to its characteristics, protects not only the top and back of the head, but also the face and jaw.

Motorcycle helmets must be of good quality.

Motorcycle helmets must be of good quality.

What is the price of a motorcycle helmet?

As for the prices of motorcycle helmets, there are many options to choose from in the market and They range from $7,000 to $180,000.

LS2 motorcycle helmet

This varies according to quality and origin: Chinese are more accessible, but less quality, while brands such as Shoei, Acerbis, Bell and LS2 are the most expensive, but more balanced.

In the case of LS2, for example, there is four models and more than 20 options in total with values ​​between $22,000 and 150,000 pesos.

On the other hand, about the material of motorcycle helmets, it is important to know that most are made of thermoplastic resin, but the best they are made of kevlar and carbon fiber or a mixture of those materials.

How to choose motorcycle helmets

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing motorcycle helmets is that they all have sizes (S, M, L and XL) and have a number, which is the valid reference.

It is key that do not put excessive pressure on the headbut It shouldn’t be too loose either., because if it will not be shot in the event of an accident. A trick to know if it is the right size, is that the cheekbones should be tight.

LS2, some of the most sought after motorcycle helmets.

LS2, some of the most sought after motorcycle helmets.

The waist of the motorcycle helmet is classified according to the following measurements of the head in cm:

  • 50-54cm XXS
  • 54cm XS
  • 55-56cm S
  • 57cm M
  • 58-59cm L
  • 60-61cm XL
  • 62-63cm XXL
  • 64-65cm XXXL

Once the size, you have to see what is the expiration datesince they have a period of useful life certain.

In the case of motorcycle helmet of polycarbonate, which over the years deteriorate, some experts estimate that this type of helmet expires between 5 and 7 years from its manufactureso it is important that when you buy you look at the date that is printed on its packaging.

Another key fact is that motorcycle helmets are approved. To achieve the approval seal, helmets and visors undergo impact and rigidity tests and are subjected to extreme environmental conditions (temperatures between +50 and -20 degrees Celsius) and projection, retention and friction tests.

In addition, it also checks the Visual field under certain circumstances and the qualities of the screen, pouring abrasive material on it, among others.

Lastly, it should be noted that the motorcycle helmet be of a resistant material and that the Security elements, like the strap, be good. It would also be essential that they be first-hand, unless there is a lot of trust and it is known for sure who you are buying it from.

avoid blows

any of the motorcycle helmetbeing a kind of peel, if they fall or hit the ground with force, they can crack, with which they would lose their properties and would have to be discarded.

That is why motorcycle helmets that do not inspire confidence or that do not have the approval seal you don’t have to buy thembecause in case of accident could not bear the impacts for those who are prepared those who do pass the tests of the regulations.

Motorcycle helmets must fit just right, they cannot be large.

Motorcycle helmets must fit just right, they cannot be large.

Among the recommendations for choosing motorcycle helmetsthe safest are always the full face helmets, since they have a stronger outer structure and offer more protection before the impacts.

The classic jet or jet motorcycle helmets with visors are more common in cities, but they offer much less protection and the injuries in case of accident they are more serious.

How much should the helmet weigh?

Although it may seem that the greater the weight, the greater the protection, this is not the case.. It is not necessary to buy hulls that exceed 1,400 gr.

This is because in the event of a big impact, the more weight of the helmet, the more strength may cause internal damage.

The security level of a motorcycle helmet is largely determined by the composition of the shell, namely, the surface responsible for absorbing the impact in the event of an accident.

According to studies carried out, the tricomposite hull structure made up of Kevlar, fiberglass and carbon fiber is the one that offers the best results. Polycarbonate helmets are usually cheaper but they also report worse behavior against impacts.

Types of helmet depending on the type of motorcycle

To know how to choose motorcycle helmets it is essential to know the type of motorcycle what we have or are going to buy. There are more suitable types of helmets for motorcycles urban or sports and others for larger bikes.

The first thing to do is read the instructions for use and maintenance of motorcycle helmetsso as not to damage it when cleaning it or disassembling elements such as the visor.

It is not just about cleaning, but about caring for and maintaining the different elements of the helmet. Must clean the outer shell of the helmet manually with specific products or neutral soaps, using a soft sponge and drying with cloths so as not to leave residues.

The interior of motorcycle helmets also need a maintenance and the vast majority of models have pads removable and washable. It is advisable to wash them by hand with specific or neutral soaps and dry them naturally.

Motorcycle helmets, the key to avoiding more serious accidents.

Motorcycle helmets, the key to avoiding more serious accidents.

On the other hand, it is appropriate wash the visor of motorcycle helmets regularly with specific products from specialized stores. Finally, you must properly care for and maintain the straps or internal rubber bands to avoid premature deterioration of these elements.

to take into account

A since the pandemic more and more motorcycles are used, but you have to know that the motorcycle helmets save life, and the data confirms it. Some to keep in mind:

  • Just for wearing motorcycle helmets the chances of death are reduced by 30% and the chances of suffering a serious head injury by 40%.
  • Helmets must be purchased for motorcycles that carry CHAS sticker (Safety Auto Part Approval Certificate).
  • a helmet that took a hitno matter how light it may have been, loses its absorbency and must be replaced.