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Ford Almussafes | The four electric cars that Ford Almussafes is considering manufacturing

Assembly line of the Ford factory in Almussafes (Valencia), in a file image. / EFE

The Valencian factory can manufacture up to five models simultaneously | The brand does not confirm the models that will equip the new electric platform, but the future Kuga and Mustang Mach-e are in the pools

Alex Champion

After Ford’s decision to invest in the manufacture of electric cars in Valencia, the question is to know which cars are going to be produced in the Valencian plant, data on which the brand, like all manufacturers with their future projects, does not release garment, but we can get closer to their decisions.

For this it is important to know what the factory is like. The Almussafes plant has been able to manufacture up to five different models with several different platforms and all types of engines to achieve production of more than 400,000 units. It is what is called a ‘flexible plant’ in the industry and it is one of the values ​​that has weighed when choosing Almussafes, its ability to adapt to any type of assignment. If now it manufactures large cars such as the Kuga, Galaxy or S-Max, a few years ago it was a specialist in the small Ka, it has manufactured several generations of the Fiesta and the Focus, vans such as the Connect and also models of other brands, such as the Japanese Mazda. It is also the only one in Ford Europe that produces hybrids and plug-ins.

Ford bets on Almussafes against Germany and guarantees its future with electric cars

But let’s go back to the models that Ford is going to make. The brand has decided that, in addition to the MEB electric platform that Volkswagen has developed and on which electric cars are going to be manufactured from 2023 in Cologne, the blue oval firm is going to have its own electric platform, which will be on the that the cars of Valencia are manufactured.

Capri Mach-e. /


This platform should give rise to Ford’s best-selling models, such as the future Mustang Mach-e, expected from 2025, and a replacement for the Ford Kuga, which could well keep its name and be simply an electric Ford Kuga. .

These two models may have a production and demand capacity of about 300,000 units, depending on the commercial life of both, which, a priori, would fill the entire production capacity, which is now about 500,000 units but, with the arrival of electric models, more expensive and, therefore, with less demand, would be reduced to those 300,000 cars.

Some sources speak of a third model for which there is still not enough data, and which could be either a variation on the other two, such as a Ford Kuga Coupé or a seven-seater Ford Kuga, or a smaller variant of the electric Ford Mustang. with SUV-style bodywork that could be called the Capri Mach-e, emulating the success achieved by the Mustang Mach-e SUV around the world.

Electric Ford Kuga. /


All-Ford Platform

What is clear is that this new electric platform will be totally Ford, and although it can be used by other manufacturers, they would have to pay royalties to the American brand.

Ford has already confirmed that, from 2030, it will only manufacture and sell electric cars in Europe, and according to current information, production would be as follows. Turkey will be responsible for electric Ford Transits of all sizes, Romania will manufacture the future electric Ford Puma, Cologne will specialize in models with a shared MEB platform with Volkswagen, and Valencia will manufacture high-end models in Europe based on the new technical platform. These plans would set aside the Fiesta and Focus, which could have a future electric generation if the demand in those segments makes their production profitable again.

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Ford Mustang Mach-e. /


In total, the brand expects to sell 600,000 electric cars in Europe each year, although Valencia’s flexibility would allow it to accommodate more models, manufacture on different platforms and make models for other brands. And it is that nobody knows the demand that the new generation of electric cars will have, which right now and as is the case with the Mustang Mach-e, exceeds the most optimistic expectations.