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Filling the tank of the truck costs more in the Region than in France

Filling the tank of the truck is already more expensive in the Region than in France. The general secretary of the Froet, Manuel Pérezcarro, assures that for the first time the carriers no longer have to refuel in La Junquera or Irún, because the price of diesel is now cheaper across the border. The rise in fuel prices has led transport to an unpredictable situation, which means that “leaving the truck stopped is less burdensome than continuing to drive, because at least no money is lost,” says Pérezcarro.

According to his calculations, while the average price of diesel last May in Spain stood at 1,919 euros per liter, in France it was 1,883 euros.

Pérezcarro wonders why diesel has risen more in Spain than in France and blames the oil companies


However, in May 2021 the liter cost 1,348 euros in Spain, while in France it reached 1,523 euros.

In the Region, diesel has exceeded two euros and touches gasoline prices, which mark new records every week. Pérezcarro blames the oil companies and wonders “why does the price rise more here than in France? Something is happening that we don’t understand. Someone is lining up at the expense of others », he sentences. He assures that the fuel that “the companies supply to the transport companies at their bases is more expensive than the one they sell at their gas stations”, something that in his opinion is incongruous, and demands measures from the Government to “stabilize” the market. He even raises the possibility of “intervening prices”, although he questions whether the EU would allow it.

Meanwhile, the escalation in prices has led the Platform for the Defense of the Transport of Goods, made up of the self-employed and small carriers who called the strike last March, to threaten a new strike if the Government does not put March before the 30th a law that prevents work below cost prices, among other claims.

The Self-Employed Platform will submit to consultation on the 26th the call for a new strike


Although the representative of the regional employer froet makes it clear that it is “a threat”, the tension between the self-employed, which contribute 70% of the trucks of the regional fleet, turns on the alarm signals again. The Ministry has promised to present the law at the end of July, while the Platform has announced in a statement that the next On the 26th, he will carry out a consultation between the carriers “on the reactivation of the strike”.

The transport employers had obtained the approval of a rule that allows them to affect the increase in diesel prices in the contracts of the chargers, but the general secretary of the Froet explains that it is not possible either to “call customers every week to tell them that the price is raised. He also points out that the companies they work for also have problems charging for increased costs when their products are reduced in price, given that “transportation affects more than a piece of lettuce than a computer”.

The employers of gas stations do not rule out that prices continue to rise

The president of the Association of Service Stations in the Region, José Baños, attributes the rise in fuel prices to the turmoil caused by the invasion of Ukraine, which has reduced production in Russia and, therefore, the supply of gasoline and diesel in Europe. He does not rule out that prices continue to rise “if there is a lack of refined product”, since the war has prevented “800,000 barrels of oil from entering the European market. That bursts supply and demand, because there is a lack of refined product”, he responds to the carriers who accuse the oil companies of taking advantage of the crisis to inflate prices. His forecast is that consumption will not drop in the coming months, because the holidays are the time of greatest pull.

He affirms that the European market accuses the decrease of the 800,000 barrels that Russia has not contributed


Baths calculates that diesel costs 80 cents more than a year ago, after exceeding two euros at the pump before the return of 20 cents that the gas stations have to deduct from the bill, despite their complaints. “We are not banks,” laments the representative of the employers’ association, who dismisses the Government’s decisions as “incoherent” and is committed to “lowering taxes” that swell the collection.