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Events in Navarra | Convicted of assaulting a broccoli truck in Marcilla and holding a gun and beating the driver

El camión, en el peaje de Marcilla.

The First Section of the Provincial Court of Navarra sentenced to 7 years in prison (3 for the crime of robbery with violence and 4 for illegal detention) to the two accused of assaulting a vegetable and fruit truck at the Marcilla toll, in which they allegedly They were looking for other merchandise that could be drugs but it has not been possible to prove.

The trailer was heading from Almería to England. In addition to the assault they held the driver at gunpointdragged him out of the cabin, beat him viciously, they put him handcuffed in a car and left him naked in the middle of the field. Then they took the truck to Tarragona where they left it abandoned.

The defendants are free and they are Mariano Isidro MC, 46 years old and a resident of Roquetas de Mar (Almería), and Vasile AC, 49 years old and a resident of the same town.

The trial was held during the month of April and the defendants denied their relationship with the events, but the court understands that their participation is riddled with evidence, fundamentally that they were captured with cars belonging to their relatives following the same route as the truck and following it to Marcilla.

According to the ruling, around 6:15 a.m. on December 2, 2017, the two defendants, jointly agreed, and two other individuals who could not be identified, with the aim of obtaining a benefit, intercepted a Scania semi-trailer truck, at the toll exit of the AP-15 motorway in Marcilla. Said defendants had been following the truck from its starting point (Roquetas de Mar -Almería-) in Renault Megane and Audi A4 vehicles, thanks to the installation in it of a GPS device, controlling its route at all times.


The truck was carrying out a transport from Roquetas to Dover (England) on behalf of the transport company Pablo Tour International SRL. At the exit of the aforementioned toll, and after a brief stop by the truck driver, when he was going to a gas station near the toll, the truck was intercepted by the Renault Megane vehicle, from which several people got out. Then, in front of the truck, a group of four people wearing reflective vests formed, pretending to be policemen, and among them were the accused.

Two of them went to the driver, who, at first, was told that the road was closed and that he could not continue, immediately and in execution of the devised plan, they grabbed him by the hair and forcibly removed him from the truck. , throwing him to the ground and putting a foot on his back.

When the truck driver got up they began to search him and tried to hold his hands. When he resisted, they threw him back to the ground and began to hit him on different parts of his body, with Vasile basically being the one who hit him with all kinds of blows.


They then forced him into the back of the Renault Megane vehicle with which they had been following him and put a hood on him so that he could not see anything. After raising his hood a little, one of them put a gun in his mouth, without stating whether it was real or simulated, or its characteristics, and said “do you know what this is? It’s a gun that goes boom boom. Swear on your kids there’s no car following you.”

Next, and with the driver of the truck held and guarded inside the car, they started it up, and took him for approximately 5 to 10 minutes along an unpaved road, to then stop the vehicle and get him out of it, for which they grabbed him by the legs and dragged him out, and with that force they stripped the driver of his clothes, leaving him completely naked, and throwing him to the ground.

Subsequently, the defendants, in the company of the two people who could not be identified, left the scene, one of them driving the truck and the other three occupying the Renault Megane and the Audi A mentioned, all entering the AP again. 15 at the height of the Marcilla toll, and all of them following the same route, until the truck was abandoned in the province of Tarragona.

The tractor head and the trailer were located with the declared cargo but without the rest of the stolen objects and effects, except for one of the mobile phones (that of the transport company), on December 6, 2017 in the province of Tarragona , on the forest road of Lille (Vilaverd), having a space in the trailer, where the undeclared merchandise was going, it has not been possible to determine what it was, presenting damage due to blows on the sides. Likewise, the cargo door lock was forced and without the company’s security padlock, also having the two front wheel arches damaged.

Likewise, the cargo declared (fruits and vegetables) was scattered around the trailer, and fuel had also been removed from the side tanks. The tractor unit and the trailer had a value of around €40,000, and it carried a declared load of vegetables on 33 pallets.

The truck driver was robbed of €2,100 in €50 bills that he had for travel expenses, another €75 that he was carrying in his wallet, the wallet with his personal documentation, several refueling cards, two mobile phones, a Toshiba laptop from 17 inches, a current transformer and a router.


As a result of these events, the truck driver suffered injuries consisting of a hematoma in the left ocular orbit, a rotator cuff tear in the left shoulder and a tear in the right deltoid muscle with difficulty in moving the limb, contusion and pain in the rib cage in right hemithorax.

These injuries only required first medical assistance for their healing, not stating that they also objectively required other necessary medical and/or surgical treatment for their health, estimating the basic personal injury at 21 days and the loss of quality of life at 7 days. moderate life.

phones and cars

It has not been possible to determine if the transport company, in addition to the effects of its ownership that were stolen and the damage that the truck presented when it was recovered, suffered damages derived from the loss or impairment of the declared cargo that it was carrying.

The Renault Megane vehicle, owned by the mother of the accused Mariano Isidro M., was habitually used by the indicated accused, and the Audi A4 vehicle, in the name of the partner of the accused Vasile A., was habitually used by the indicated accused. Mariano Isidro’s telephone number has proven that at 8:22 a.m. on December 2, said telephone terminal was located in the Sobradiel service area, located on the communication route to the Alfajarin toll where the Renault vehicle was detected Megane at 8:44 a.m.

Vasile A. appears as a user of the telephone, said telephone number being linked to his Facebook profile, with a family photo, said telephone appearing positioned on the route made by the Audi A4 along with the truck to where it was abandoned