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5 reasons to buy a plug-in hybrid car in 2022


If you are considering buying a car this year, the option of an electrified vehicle may be within your possibilities. Today we want to break a spear in favor of plug-in hybrids, offering you the top 5 reasons to buy it in 2022 and another 2 not to. Ultimately the decision will be up to you.

These are the main reasons to buy and not to buy. All are factors to be taken into account so as not to take a wrong decision in choosing your next car. Because a plug-in hybrid may fit your needs, but it is also possible that a vehicle with an internal combustion engine or, directly, an electric car is better suited.

Reasons to buy a plug-in hybrid car in 2022

They have more and more electric autonomy

The truth is that all the plug-in hybrid cars that are arriving on the market they have more and more autonomy in electric mode. The segment average is already around 60 km on a single charge and there are already models that are even around 90-100 km, with a few that already exceed the interesting 100 km barrier.

Label 0 Emissions

Of course, any plug-in hybrid with more than 40 kilometers of autonomy in electric mode get the label 0 Emissions of the DGT. This means a multitude of advantages, such as free access and mobility around Madrid or Barcelona, ​​registration tax, circulation tax and even being able to park in different areas at a reduced cost or, directly, for free.

There are in many segments and brands

Plug-in hybrid cars are becoming most frequent on the market. Before they were reserved for a few very specific brands and segments, but now you can find everything from compact plug-in hybrids to large sedans and SUVs. This technology is becoming more democratic and its prices are becoming more and more interesting.

They are a good alternative to pure electric

The Ford Kuga PHEV has a ZERO label

If you’re scared or hesitant to make the move directly to an electric car, a plug-in hybrid can be a interesting alternative that will eliminate the anxiety about the range that any owner of an electric can accuse. After all, you will always have an internal combustion engine to make any trip without worrying about stopping to recharge the battery.

Your battery recharges in no time

And speaking of recharging the battery, a plug-in hybrid needs considerably less time to complete the charge than a fully electric one. A charge can be done from home in a few hours and if you do it from a fast charging station, you will reduce the time to just minutes. Charge it at home overnight or at work while you’re in the office.

Reasons not to buy a plug-in hybrid car in 2022

They’re more expensive

But there are also two important reasons not to buy a plug-in hybrid in 2022. The first has to do with its pricesince it is still more expensive than a traditional hybrid and a car with a traditional combustion engine. The difference can be several thousand euros, an amount that you can invest in improving the equipment or finishes of another vehicle.

Consumption once the battery runs out

The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid is available with 224 and 300 CV

The second great reason to decline the purchase is that consumption shoots up once the battery runs out. If you use only gasoline, you will have to deal with high fuel costs, since the thermal engine will be completely responsible for driving the car. This, coupled with the current fuel price, can be a significant obstacle to buying a plug-in hybrid in 2022.